SEO That Actually Gets You Found

Business owners have long understood the importance of search engine optimization in getting found online. You understand that the vast majority of consumers begin their hunt for a service provider from the comfort of their preferred search engine. And… you know that if you aren’t visible in those searches, you aren’t getting called.

But what most service providers don’t know is what ACTUALLY goes into the search rankings that impact their online visibility. There are several reasons for this. One big reason being that business owners have been fed misleading or incorrect SEO information by marketing salespeople for years. Usually this is not done maliciously, but the end result is the same — hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed revenue opportunities!

LUMN is different. Our websites consistently rank among the best because we stay informed and we don’t cut corners. We believe what Google says when they announce what they want to see in websites in order to rank them well. Then we do the heavy lifting (that other groups don’t want to) by implementing Google’s advice.

The result? Happy, VISIBLE clients.

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